Androgenic Alopecia has a profound emotional effect on men and a far more devastating effect on women. The AuraLUX provides clinically proven outcomes.

97% demonstrated an increase of 20% or more

89% demonstrated an increase of 30% or more

57%  demonstrated an increase of 50% or more



•    FDA cleared for female hair growth
•    Prevents increased pigmentation which plays a significant role in the proven effectiveness of laser hair therapy
•    Non invasive, no pain, no downtime
•    Enhances natural cellular action
•    Easy to use
•    Treats all skin types
•    Internet connected
•    Computer controlled with easy to use graphical interface
•    FDA cleared for Female Androgenic Alopecia
•    Submission for Male Pattern hair loss


•    Proprietary software powered by Accuview Imagining
•    Microscope camera images the scalp to determine extract hair loss
•    Software helps determine number of grafts available to harvest
•    System can measure thickness of individual hairs

Patient Conversion

•    Digital images showing patient hair loss provides evidence for patients to engage AuraLUX hair therapy or other therapies