Therapeutic Laser

  • FDA cleared for Female Androgenic Alopecia
  • The AuraLUX has contoured laser diodes at 650nm that completely cover the scalp with measured light stimulation.  The laser light energy increases the blood flow and oxygenation along with cellular metabolism in the scalp using the principle of photobiostimulation
  • Enhances natural cellular activity
  • Non invasive, no pain, no downtime
  • Treats all hair and skin types
  • Computer controlled with easy to use graphical interface
  • Submission for Male Pattern hair loss

Diagnostic Station

  • Utilizing an on board microscope camera in a 1sq-cm field, the AuraLUX is able to  clearly and definitively count and store, images of each individual follicle as well as accurately assess the number of hairs per follicle for a quantified assessment of overall hair density.  Crucial for a comprehensive patient evaluation, directing the physician to the appropriate hair therapy.
  • Microscope camera images the scalp to determine extract hair loss
  • Software helps determine number of grafts available to harvest

Patient Conversion

  • Digital images showing the level of hair loss provides immediate evidence to the patients during the consultation, motivating them to engage in AuraLUX hair therapy or other therapies depending on physician recommendation.